3 May 2024
Global Kick-off:
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Why is it so important to belong to a community?

Jul 18, 2024

Community comes from the root “common”, which describes something that binds a group of people together – a place they all live in, or common social or cultural characteristics. This first common point extends beyond proximity and leads to a shared identity, values, and a sense of collective responsibility. Communities can be large or small, from close-knit neighborhoods to complex societies. They can last very long or be short-timed.


Marianne Kiskola: Internal climate change – A matter of honor

Jul 9, 2024

Philotimo is a Greek word that few know. The word comes from the Greek words "filos," which means friend, and "timi," which means honor. So, translated quickly, the word could be thought to mean 'friend of honor.' And indeed, it is, but also much more. If you are called a philotimos person, you can consider it the highest honor you could receive. It means you are seen as one of the most valuable members of your community.


Local climate leadership is largely about managing collaboration

Jun 14, 2024

Cities and municipalities hold the framework for a climate-resilient everyday life: housing, transportation, service networks, and other daily infrastructure. Already 90 percent of Finns live in a municipality that has set a climate goal. According to a recent study by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the most common climate goal among municipalities is to reduce emissions by 80 percent by 2030.


Marianne Kiskola: Internal climate change – A Cultural handbook

May 29, 2024

Plato once stated that speech is the guiding of souls through words. In Greece, the idea of the power of words on the soul is still known. When a Greek wishes well for someone else, they address them using the most beautiful words they know. They refer to children or youths as dolls or flowers, friends as beloved, men as boys, and women as ladies. They do not send greetings, but kisses.


Marianne Kiskola: Internal climate change – crisis

Apr 23, 2024

In Greece, it's believed that a word is not just a word. To understand what we say, we must feel the word. Words are never accidental; they always contain lived reality - wisdom. The word is opened up and its origins (usually from ancient times) are examined. By following the guidance embedded in the word, we discover its historical layers and stories – and thus, the wisdom to act rightly.


Business leaders as champions of democracy – are you in?

Feb 24, 2024

Democracy is currently facing its toughest challenges since “government of the people, by the people, for the people” was presented as an alternative to kings and autocrats. Authoritarian movements are strongly raising their heads and we cannot take it for granted that democracy will win the ongoing battle in Western countries. That's why it's important that each of us does our part in the defense of democracy, both as individuals and as communities.


Employees involved in climate action

Jun 21, 2023

Climate action is needed so that the Earth remains viable for future generations. The change in business operations is a key part of the sustainability breakthrough. More and more companies are implementing climate measures, for example by measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of their products. Less attention has been paid to how climate actions permeate the entire organization. What is the opportunity for employees to influence and be involved in implementing the organization's climate actions?


What is climate entrepreneurship?

May 29, 2023

Having a background in entrepreneurship research, I think of climate entrepreneurship above all as a process in which entrepreneurs envision a future that puts less strain on the earth, make the necessary decisions and set the wind on the ground. Climate entrepreneurs are therefore agents of change in society and the economy, who strive to create innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change.